The Camilla Ring (4.6 Carat Center)


This jaw-dropping Camilla three stone ring will turn heads. This ring totals 7 carats, with a 4.6 carat elongated old mine cushion with two flanking, 1.2 carat epaulettes. This can be customized in any way. Three stone rings almost never sit flush and can be bulky, but not ours! As with all of our engagement rings, this setting is designed so bands can sit flush.


• Made to order and completely customizable
• Made with love, in the USA
• Metal: 14k Yellow Gold
• Center Stone: Moissanite
• Cut: Elongated Old Mine Cushion (Elongated Culet)
• Size: 4.6 Carat (11.1x8.4mm)
• Color: Modern White (DEF-Color)
• Clarity: VVS
• Band Width: 1.6mm
• Mohs Scale: Moissanite 9.25
• Refractive Index: 2.65 (Moissanite)

See a video of this ring here (swipe left):