The Levine Ring (8 Carat)


This 8 carat Levine Ring features an undeniably striking combination of a large elongated old mine cushion cut center stone (with an elongated cutlet) and a dainty, 1.5mm band (matches our Ryan Band). From the side, you see a beautiful invisible halo and dainty double claw prong. As with all of our engagement rings, this setting is designed so bands can sit flush.


• Made to order and completely customizable
• Made with love, in the USA
• Metal: 14k White Gold
• Center Stone: Moissanite
• Cut: Elongated Old Mine Cushion
• Size: 8 Carat (13x9.5mm)
• Color: Modern White (DEF-color)
• Clarity: VVS
• Band Width: 1.5mm
• Melee (side stones): Moissanite, .75 carats
• Mohs Scale: Moissanite 9.25
• Refractive Index: 2.65 (Moissanite)

See a video of this ring here (swipe left):