The East West Gem Company was born out of an organic love for completely custom jewelry, an obsession with the stone we know as moissanite, and a desire to do things differently.


Generally, jewelry has incredibly high markups. Traditionally, one jeweler in-house does everything (cutting stones, setting pave, making CADS, etc.), the company outsources to countries like China, or buys mass-produced styles—all the while marking up the price multiple times. This creates uninspired, not customizable, expensive jewelry that is lower quality and takes upwards of eight weeks. We said, absolutely not.


We named our company the East West Gem Company for three reasons. The first is that our very first piece, known as The Parker Ring, was an east-west set emerald cut stone. The second reason is that we have an office located in Los Angeles and Charleston, with operations on both the East and West Coast. Finally, we aim to turn the traditional way of making jewelry upside down. Made with love by artisans right here in Los Angeles, our process is quick, inspired, completely customizable, and absolutely affordable.


Our secret? We don’t do anything the way it’s traditionally been done. We are completely online, which keeps prices low while we tailor the experience to each and every customer. Don’t worry, you can always set up a showing with our team (for information on our location and to set up an appointment, please click here). Next, we cut out the middle men by going directly to the source for our stones. This means full creative control over cuts, length-to-width ratios, facet patterns, colors, and dimensions. Furthermore, instead of paying a single jeweler to work for us full-time and being limited to his skill set, we utilize over 15 artisans who are the very best at what they do. This means getting the best of everything in the most efficient way possible—cutting down both cost and wait times.


All of this results in a custom made piece, design specifically for you. Any detail, color, cut, carat size, stone, or setting detail can be changed to your liking. Or, if you have a ring that you’ve been dreaming of, bring your inspiration to us and we will make it come true at a price you can afford.


When we say, “we do moissanite differently”—that isn’t just a slogan. We truly just do jewelry differently, with the customer in mind.


We can’t wait to talk to you and make your dream piece become an affordable reality.


With love,

Brenna (Founder), The East West Gem Co Team, and artisans.