We can create any piece in 14k gold, 18k gold, or platinum. Our base prices are always in 14k gold, as it is the most budget-friendly and durable option. In rose and yellow gold, the metal tone is softer as well (a look that we love). If you’d like a piece in any metal combination that is not listed, please contact us at hello@eastwestgemco.com so that we can facilitate this for you.

Some stone cuts are available with different facet patterns. Step cuts, like Emeralds and Asschers are available with or without windmills. Cushions and Radiants are available in "Brilliant" (traditional), “Crushed Ice”, or "Crushed Ice Hybrid" (a fusion of the two). Pears and Ovals are available in "Brilliant" or "Crushed Ice". To see the the above differences visually, please visit here. Please contact us at hello@eastwestgemco.com if you have any questions.

Melee is the term for the side stones in your ring. Our base prices include moissanite melee, which is what we recommend for the best value and beautiful shine. You can upgrade to lab-created diamonds, canary diamonds, or pink diamonds in any piece for an additional cost. All of our pieces are 100% conflict free so we do not use natural diamonds for this reason. You can see moissanite vs natural diamond melee here.  Please contact us at hello@eastwestgemco.com so we can answer any further questions or want exact pricing to upgrade your precise ring style. 

We go right to the source with our Moissanite, allowing us the full creative control over dimensions, cuts, facet patterns and colors, giving us the best quality Moissanite at the best price, which we pass onto our customers. We can custom cut anything exactly to your specifications. Any stone cut can be put in any style of ring.

If you want to personalize a style with a different cut, please contact us at hello@eastwestgemco.com

Moissanite “shows” less than diamonds do. Let us explain:

If you want a 2+ carat diamond look to your ring, you will need a 3+ carat moissanite. The reason this is, is because of the difference in how the stones are measured. Diamonds are measured by carat (weight) and moissanite is measured by its size in millimeters. Especially in fancy shapes, this gets very skewed. In your head, what you envision as a 2 carat diamond, is probably a “spready” diamond, because that is most of what is sold and shown on Instagram. This means that the stone is shallower, but has more finger coverage. Additionally, all of our rings are shown on a size 4.5 finger.

All of our stones are measured in millimeters rather than carats. Please note, all carat weights listed are based on averages and a visual comparison to a diamond of the same size. If the stone size you want is not listed as an option, don’t worry: we cut all of our own stones and can do any ratio of elongation or any specific size (down to .5mm).

Please contact us at hello@eastwestgemco.com so we can assist you with any further questions.

We can create your piece with any type of stone however we specialize in moissanite. With moissanite, For your convenience, we have broken this down into four transparently priced categories.

- Modern White (DEF-Color) // $375 per carat 

- Vintage White (GHI-Color) // $300 per carat 

- Canary (all shades) // $300 per carat

- Fancy Color (orange, champagne, green, blue, grey, and black) // $200 per carat

- Lab-created Blue Sapphire // $200 per carat 

All naturally created gems vary based on the exact stone. 

For naturally occurring stone options, contact our team prior to purchase to ensure you get the exact hue you would like and to solidify pricing. Please contact us at hello@eastwestgemco.com so we can answer any questions and assist you.

Our rings’ center stones can be set vertically (traditional) or horizontally (east-west). This does not affect the pricing of the piece. Please contact us at hello@eastwestgemco.com for any more questions so we can further assist you.

Our rings are all completely custom and made to order, so we can create any ring in the exact size you need. Our pieces are made using standard US sizing. We offer whole sizes (example: 6), half sizes (example: 6.5) and quarter sizes (example: 6.75). Please contact us at hello@eastwestgemco.com for any more questions you may have.

Moissanite is chemically and compositionally different than a diamond, even though it shares a lot of optical similarities. They actually have a higher refractive index than diamonds do (more sparkle). The other difference is the hardness (MOHS scale). Diamonds are a 10 and Moissanite is a 9.5-9.25 and the scale is exponential, like earthquakes. They are incredibly hard and never change color or loose their sparkle. They are also completely conflict-free and eco-friendly.