The Aria Band


This Aria Band is such a beautiful, dainty band, that really pairs well with anything. This band features 1.1mm stones and can be made in any metal or stone combination. This 1.4mm (total width) style sits very flush to the finger and is a very comfortable wedding, anniversary or stacking band. Please note that full eternity bands cannot be resized, so please confirm your size with a local jeweler prior to ordering.


• Made to order and completely customizable
• Made with love, in the USA
• Metal: 14k Rose Gold
• Melee Stones: Moissanite
• Color: Modern White (DEF-color)
• Clarity: VVS
• Band Width: 1.4mm
• Mohs Scale: Moissanite 9.25
• Refractive Index: 2.65 (moissanite)
• It matches the Sutton setting exactly
• Sizing Bar: $800
• Full Eternity: $900

Completely Conflict Free.

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